Lisbon 1755 and July’s Full Moon

It is always curious to go back and look at historical events in light of “could we have foretold this?”  Our current point in time is the Lisbon 1755 Earthquake and Tsunami which occurred Nov 1, 1755 in which it is estimated over 100,000 people perished. 

We cheated just a hair by doing two things…we looked at the Mid Heaven of Lisbon and then located the eclipse that occurred closest to it.  That was March 12, 1755 at the point of 22 Pis with Lisbon having a MH of 21 PIS.  We found that the ASC of Lisbon was 10 Cancer.  In evaluating the chart for the eclipse we found that the dwarf planet Ceres was located North of Lisbon but directly in line with it.  This put a major target on Lisbon as Ceres is know as the creator of natural disasters.  Also in the area were Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune.  Jupiter was anchored in an Earth sign along with Saturn which does not bode well for the safety of an area effected by them.  The eclipse itself was in a Water sign with a ‘violent” tendency attached.  One of the greatest causes of death and destruction was a tsunami which moved into the coast from the off shore quake.  The quake was measured at approximately 8.7 and strong enough to create a tsunami that reached across the Atlantic to French Martinique Island discussed in a prior post.  It is noted that a significant portion of Europe felt the quake. 

Lisbon 1755 Earthquake

Note the configuration of the Map and the location of Ceres, Neptune (off coast where quake occurred), Solar eclipse foci slightly inland, Saturn to the North and East and you will see that the period of time was significant for the coast of Europe….in this case Lisbon.

Now moving forwards to an upcoming full moon on July 2, 2015 you will see a similar configuration occurring off the west coast of the US suggesting a strong possibility of a major quake within the next month,  Cuba has a major full moon foci suggesting issues with governmental control/suppression of the populace and a similar event in Mexico likely.

2015 July 2 Full Moon US

Looking to World positions we find that the site of the Malaysian Plane crash in the Ukraine which has an anniversary 7/17 will be back in the news. 2015 July 2 FM Russia-Ukraine

And events to occur in India (terrorism most likely), Afghanistan, Myanmar, Beijing, and Japan.  There are the foci areas for this event.  The points of concern are India, and the Xiaguan area of western China, and a possible strong aftershock in Nepal.

2015 July 2 FM Asia

And some caution to Australia and surround area for a MAJOR earthquake.

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