6-10-2002 Eclipse continued…this time it’s the Ukraine

In the eclipse there were many points that were impacted by the Solar Eclipse structure itself.  One such point was the Ukraine.  We had Uranus on the Mid-Haven, with the Solar Eclipse, Saturn and Mars and the node on the Ascendant. 

6-10-2002 Ukraine Airshow

Jul 27th Ukraine airshow disaster: A Sukhoi Su-27 fighter crashes during an air show at Lviv, Ukraine killing 85 and injuring more than 100 others, the largest air show disaster in history.

Let look at the formula for the event:

On the midhaven with Uranus gave us much the same indication as the Igandu Tanzania train crash that happened along the same line:  Short-travel, mechanics and this one art, and Airplanes instead of Trains.

On the ascendant we had Masses or crowds of people, public relations, death, explosion, world impacting. 

The above put together gives one a fairly correct view of the events that occurred in Lviv.

The trigger? Saturn aspecting the Solar Eclipse. 

To those who follow the blog…read the events in 7/2014 when the Malaysia Airliner was shot down in Russia.  Much the same setup.

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