African Union: A case study in Mercury’s effects

On 6-10-2002 there was a solar eclipse at 79 degrees or 19 Gemini.  In that eclipse the TCD point of Mercury was located at the Eastern point of Ethiopia, west of Addis Ababa.  When we consider the location of Mercury at the eclipse, we find that it will have a great deal to do with Legal constructs between persons and groups (media, trade and commerce) and the out picturing of political ideals in regards to land, labor or agriculture.  Neptune was also supporting Mercury in this endeavor which strengthened the political idealism.   The power from the eclipse was funneled to the area via the presence of Mercury.  On July 9, 2002 the African Union was launched at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

6-10-2002 Eclipse and Mercury TCD

One then must ask what was the core reason for the forming of the African Union?  Unity of the African continent and improving the economics of the member countries. Pretty close to what it was expected to be.

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