The Underwater Volcano: a test of our work

On 4/24/2015 there was an underwater Volcanic eruption of the Axial Seamount off the Oregon Coast.  It had been predicted to erupt and the scientist were watching.  In retrospect so are we.  Over the past 18 months an excel based solution has been being developed.  Finally the work is nearing completion with the addition of the ability to “map” our results.  There are a few more small bits to work on but over all the work has finally come together enough to allow us to begin to evaluate our hypotheses.  Here is our first attempt.

The Volcano off the Oregon coast occurred at 45.95N, –130W giving a position just off the Oregon Coast’s upper edge.  When we evaluated the chart for the “actual eruption day” we found our friends Mars, Jupiter, Moon holding position over the area.  We have many prior examples of Mars being involved in eruptions when Jupiter is there as well.  The moon was the inner timer and Mars the larger outer one.  Attached is the chart form the 3/20/2015 Eclipse showing the stress point created by Jupiter (green).  Also attached is the 4/24/2015 chart showing the presence of Mars (red)/Jupiter(green/Moon at the point.  Also shown on this chart is the TCD points created by Saturn (brown), Palas (gray) for the 4/24 date.  The volcano has not continued to erupt in any significant manner.  Could this have been predicted.  Yes by utilizing Geodetics the actual position of the event was apparent well before the actual events occurred.  Why are we doing this….to give the world the opportunity to understand the power of the planets on our world and how to see the possible events using them.

4-24-15 Volcanic eruption Day Chart and this one: 3-20-2015 Eclipse position for Underwater Volcano Axial Seamount

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