San Francisco’s 1906 Earthquake

The proof is in the pudding as they say so lets continue working on viewing past world events that created great damage.  One such event is the 4/18/1906 San Francisco earthquake.  When you look at the Anchoring cause of the earthquake you find that on 2/9/1906 there was a Lunar Eclipse at 19 Leo 40 or –140W, just west of the West Coast of the US.  Looking at positions on that day we find that Jupiter was in a TCD position just off San Francisco bay.  Mercury was at a TCD point north of Jupiter’s TCD giving added weight to events.  On 4/18/1906 we find that Mars is transiting the eclipse TCD position of Jupiter at a TCD for itself.  NOW….TCD are common to find in disaster areas but are not usually found in transit with other TCDs.  This gave a tremendous weight to the events of the day resulting in significant damage. 

2-9-1906 LE in San Francisco  4-18-1906 Earthquake

Come back tomorrow for an evaluation of an upcoming event that we have been predicting.  And observe the similarities.

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