An Unseen Uranus/Neptune Conjunction

Something I saw last night that might interest all.  A “hidden” Uranus/Neptune conjunction is occurring with a strong presence in Europe and Africa.  This will also play out in the markets….Lets see…Revolutionary Illusion.  Also currency unrest should occur especially in those currencies where the focus of the event is occurring…

Sweden/Finland, Latvia/Lithuania, Romania/Hungary/Croatia, Libya (maybe oil issues too as in decreased supplies occurring), Chad (Merc is there maybe terrorist), Namibia/Botswana/South Africa

The countries main export might also come into play as Neptune plays with Currencies and other products that represent the nations themselves.  These events will be playing out over the next few weeks as the event gets tighter.

  Uranus-Neptune Conjunction

Now that was African mainland but observation also shows a focus off the west coast of Africa which is the breeding ground for East Coast US Hurricanes….

First Major Hurrican of the Year for US.

Then there is the one off the West Coast of the US:  This one could add energy to our expected events in San Francisco.  McCormack’s book, “a Text Book of Long-Range Weather Forecasting”, page 70 discusses the impact of the 1906 conjunction on San Franciscos earthquake of 4/18/1906.  This point’s focus is modified by both Sun and Mars….Look for this event to intensify anything that happens. 

San Fran Events Encouraged

Then our final point is in Afganistan which has been experiencing an increase in earthquake activity.  The picture says it all.

Afganistan earthquakes

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