San Francisco should be prepared for a Major Quake June 2015

The New Moon of May 18 2015 was positioned in a Geodetic position over San Francisco.  Accompanying the placement was Saturn.  When we look for the onset of earthquakes the strongest earthquakes also have an occupant on the Ascendant.  In this case it is Jupiter.  A key date for San Francisco is June 7 2015 as Venus transits the Saturn and New Moon gravitational line and Jupiter clears its position at the New Moon.  The Moon will also add to the gravitational pull by transiting the MH and Ascendant positions via Geodetics positioning.  There are other transits mid-June and early July that could trigger the earthquake but the 6/7/2015 is the precursor point.


On 6/4/2015 we had a quake in Hollister Ca which ties to the position of Venus over the Saturn position confirming that the Saturn line is active.  Over the next few days she will close in on the New Moon position and trigger the release of the Geodetic energy stored by the new moon in May.  Looking to other positions around the globe we find that most of the earthquakes are conforming to the Geodetic lines of the New Moon and Saturn’s position at that moon.  Below in the picture take note of Puerto Rico: 25 Cap Mid Haven, Ambon: 8 Leo Mid-haven, Hollister: 29 Scorpio Mid haven.  These tie directly to the upcoming San Francisco point being active.

Beware San Francisco.  Japan had a very deep tremor (600 km depth I believe) which may have relieved a great amount of the pressure but that is on one side of the plates…what of the other.


6-4-15 Earthquakes

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