San Francisco should be on an Earthquake alert for June/July 2015

I have finally found the time and energy to work up a few of our recent Geodetic events and found a need to warn all about a possible upcoming quake in San Fran to Fresno area.
The 5/18/15 New moon occurred on the MH of the San Francisco, Seattle, Portland axis.  Saturn was also there having gone Rx and will be passing over the point over the next 2 months as it progresses in its Rx.  Now last year I said that there was a point coming up that would see the quake risk to San Fran increase and we are now at that point.  Jupiter at the new moon was at the Asc of San Francisco/Fresno.  That gives us the following:
A TCD point (total and complete destruction effect) at Seattle and Portland as the new moon and Saturn were conjunct on the MH and Ascendant points.  Mars is there in proximity…someone asked me if I saw a major event off the Pacific coast last week.  I said at best 6/2 but now would revise that to within the next 2 months with 6/7 as a MAJOR DATE and with 6/4,6/9, 6/14 as powerful for these two cities as well.
San Francisco /Fresno are also in danger as Jupiter sits on their Ascendants with the new moon and Saturn/ New Moon on the MH.  All it will take is a trigger….and that happens 6/6 and 6/18, 6/19 with more on 6/23.  Then there is a bit of breathing room before Saturn hits again late July.  I have gone back over the recent news and there is nothing showing up and with a configuration this powerful it is not one that will not show an event.  Even discounting Saturn as Rx we are still dealing with a NM that is configured on the MH and ASC of Seattle and Portland.
Japan also needs to use caution as well as Australia in case you did not read my prior post. Murray Bridge and Adelaide Australia.  All of Japan is in focus as well.
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