June 2015: Hurricane, Very Warm Weather and a shakeup in Russia/Ukrane

This post uses Joni Patry’s forecast for June as a starting point.  Her statements are in italics.  I agree with some and disagree with some of her statements.   lvb

•    It is a month that will see unseasonably hot days in the Great Plains
and Atlantic Seaboard and Adirondack areas.
•    There is a strong possibility of the first major landfall Hurricane in
the US Southern Atlantic Seaboard.
•    There could be continued volcanic eruptions under the West
Coast/Pacific Ocean area.
•    Significant tornados in the Front Range into Northern Mexico continue
•    A possible leader for the Russian/Ukraine conflict might come to the

There is going to be more governmental squabbling of the NSA bill on
snooping.  But nothing close to what Joni is seeing due to buffering factors
of Tunnels, sleeping gas and absence of the key components of events she is
expecting.  “The most significant aspect this month involves the Sun
conjunct Mars. “  This aspect will not have an effect at the 6/14/15 date as
a Tunnel will form.  Further the intensity expected will be reduced due to
the effect of the presence of sleeping gas.
“Furthermore Mars and the Sun are aligned in declination making it even more
intense. “  At best an event on 6/11/2015 could occur.  I do not expect the
intensity that Joni foretells due to the sleeping gas but the area of 20 Sag
(Great Plains Texas/Oklahoma/Kansas/Nebraska might see unseasonable heat) or
10 Cap (Buffalo NY down to Savanah Ga. ) will be the focus of the event.

“So naturally when the Moon joins forces with this conjunction there will be
a major event that gets our attention. We can no longer disregard the
surfacing long standing events that plague the world. Mars conjunct the Sun
arouses issues of anger with explosive events. The Boston marathon bombing
April 15, 2013, Mars was conjunct the Sun. But at that time they were in
Aries with Ketu opposed Saturn. That was a much more violent combination.
This time they will be in Gemini, but the nakshatra is Mrigashira ruled by
Mars.  This statement is in question but as they are in the Sun ruler ship
in Gemini we could be looking at tie to “Governmental Communications” ( Sun/
Gemini)….there is a bit of an early suggestion occurring now as the NSA bill
was being fought.  I believe there are going to be more issues with that
bill that might highlight the problematic problems Sun/Mars in Sun Gemini

Gemini pertains to communications and travel particularly by air. I believe
there will be many verbal attacks and threats to our mass travel. Once again
terrorists take hold through fear.”
The absence of Mercury and Venus from the area, the presence of the Tunnel
and the effect of sleeping gas makes this aspect less eventful than the
prior Sun/Marc conjunction in 2013 which enhanced events in April 2013.  I
do not see an actual “terrorist” event with the conjunction.  At best a
period of increased chatter in the circles but there is no one person action
that will occur.  Also the heat will be moderated as well in the weather but
it will be warmer than usual.

Mercury went Rx at 73 deg (13 Gem/Sag) putting a critical area in the Front
Range  area down to West Texas/Mexico Area.  From this Rx we saw significant
storms occur as Mercury stopped it declination climb.
Mercury is Dx at 64 deg Gemini which points to 4 Sag as a critical area.
This is the Sierra’s area and the southern California Baja peninsula.  This
suggest possible windy weather in the early part of June with Saturn bring
cooler temps giving possible cold wet winds.  So an improvement from what
has been seen.

“This is a time of strategic plans to get to the cause of trouble. Mars and
the Sun are in Gemini ruled by Mercury, and Mercury is aspected by Rahu and
opposed by Saturn. Additionally Mercury has just shifted from retrograde to
direct. The degree that Mercury stations (10 degrees Taurus) is significant
for this is the degree Saturn stationed March 15. This will unlock secrets
brewing below the surface.”  The actual position was 4 Gem with Sat 4 Sag.
This suggests that the west coast events that included a volcano erupting
off the coast in the pacific might flare back up.  The initial event was
late April when Mercury transited the location of Saturn Rx the first time.
More events of that nature could occur as it transits again after its Dx
station.  This would be early July 2015.

“On the positive front there will be many discoveries that can further
technological progress with Uranus trine Jupiter. But the most powerful
aspect culminating has to do with Jupiter and Venus coming together. By the
last day of June and July 1, they will conjunct at 27 degrees Cancer.”
This statement contains an error as they will be conjunct at 21 Leo.  The
triple hit of Uranus/Jupiter/Venus aspecting along with the NM in the area
suggest the first major Hurricane of the 2015 season could occur with
landfall in the Southern Atlantic Seaboard.  Its place of origin should be
in the Caribbean below Puerto Rico/ Leeward Islands.  I would put a major
hurricane alert up for those areas from Mid-June to Early July.

“Death or health problems for a former President” (Carter is the only one
that could even be influenced from the current Geodetic placement.).
Mercury and Venus denote governments/individuals and Venus with Jupiter do
not denote death but Venus location puts the focus on Carters area of the

In July and August as Jupiter and Venus merge together in Leo a leader who
makes a difference will emerge. Finally someone makes a stand that will
change the world.  The Geodetics suggest the leader will be from the Ukraine
or into Georgia/Armenia region.  Not so sure about “change the World”, but
will be involved in the Russian/Ukraine a

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