Full Moon of June 2015

The June 2, 2015 Full Moon is one of “Revolutionary” and “Illusionary” possibilities.  The Full Moon is in 11 Sag/Gemini axis with ties of Pakistan/Kazakhstan, Peru/Chile, Montana to Mexico in the US, and Indonesia/China.

All the points but those in the US are showing issues of currency/oil changes so a word of warning to those trading the sovereign currencies or issue of oil supply to of those above nations.  The US experienced issues as it related to our Gold Standard when this configuration effected the US.  But as Oil is considered as valuable as gold…Oil issues are a strong possibility as well.

I don’t see terrorist as being a key factor in this full moon except in the Pakistan area.  The others are more tied to the Oil/Currency issues as noted above.

In the US…Montana down to N. Mexico hot weather is indicated which supports other events in the month as well.  There is also a general effect in the Northeastern area but nothing strong to consider as there is no balancing aspect on the ASC of the North east US area.

My prior post on San Francisco, Japan and Australia are still pertinent as well as the general overview for the New Moon that occurred 5/18.

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