The Origins of Hurricanes

What would people say if you told them you could predict the time and place of the origin of a Hurricane Katrina, Wilma or Sandy?  They would likely say you were insane.  I would say that you have finally figured out the mechanics of weather on our world.  And no it is not MAN.  That would be placing too great a status on what inhabits this world.  It is the stars and planets.  There have been a great many minds who have pondered the weather…Kepler, Ptolemy, Aristotle, Newton to name a few.  And in the past hundred years there have been more.  But few seem to be able to break through the empty mindset of science of today that man creates the weather.  Here is the beginning proof that one can predict the time and place of Atlantic storms and likely storms around the world via a simple book and a little bit of math.

2005 Atlantic Storms as listed by the National Weather Service

2005 Atlantic Storms as listed by the National Weather Service

This is list contains the 2005 Atlantic Storms which includes Subtropical/Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. What you will see is a list of aspects which were pulled directly from the handy ephemeris which were then “filtered” using a very specialized normalizing position process and then further filtered using a sequence filter.  There is no fudging.  All dates and aspects were handled exactly the same.  The dates of the storms were then compared with the aspects along with the Geodetic assignment of a MH and ASC point.  An orb of 10 degrees was allowed for the aspects due to the timing interval from the National weather service evaluations. 

As you can see…AstroMeteorology would add a significant tool to the toolbox of the weatherman for determining storms timing and location.  What this will do for stock market hounds…I will only let you assume.
A quick scan of the list shows that there are only 3 storms at most that were not assigned out of 31.  So by using AstroMeteorology you can locate the position and timing of 90% of all Atlantic storms. Not a small task but one that can be done.
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