2015 Hurricanes

Evening all,

Natural Disaster Astrology has been working well and a shift to focusing on the weather occurred recently.  Partly due to the readily available dataset and frequent occurrence of events.  So we have been focusing on Hurricanes that will occur in the Eastern Atlantic Basin.  So far two have been located to occur during the 2015 Hurricane season off the East Coast of the US.  One will likely be more of a Tropical storm (Aug 16, 2015) than a hurricane but it will form just NE of the Dominican Republic.  The storm track and landfall have not been done.  Then on Aug 28,2015 a strong storm that will likely be over a Cat 3 Hurricane will form NE of the Leeward Islands.  Again the storm track and landfall have not been calculated.  Most are interested in the hurricane occurrence as the wisdom is that the US has not see a major hurricane make landfall since 2005.  Note the qualifier…major…being usually Category 3 or more.  We’ll see if our luck holds.

More to come……

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