Is Chicago in the Cross Hairs

Update: 8/29/14
A bit ago one of the members asked me about something in Dallas and I found that there was cause for alarm as far as disease.  Still not letting go of that but there is an additional point in Texas I would watch.  I have been watching the news….not sure if it will be Dallas or El Paso but both of those are on the World Stage of events.  The attack in Chicago will be US stage.  But I will say the attack will occur between 9/9 and 9/11 as that is when the timer is in place. El Paso is the strongest hit.  And the warning is coming on time.  Given their inclination for statements…don’t be surprised if both get hit at once.

Morning all,

Just saw this on my favorite gossip spot, Drudge, and thought I would investigate it.  Here are the facts…A tweet with contained a hand written date of June 20 with a background of a place in Chicago was being discussed.
Lets ask the question…is it possible for ISIS to be scoping out Chicago? IS there any “astro” basis for it?
Chicago: Utilizing our Geodetics of both World and US placement we find that in the scope of the World Chicago is not in play BUT if you use the US placement Chicago has the following: MH 15 Can, ASC 13 Libra.  On 4/29/14 Jupiter was at 15 Cancer and Uranus was at 13 Libra being kept company by Mars.  This suggest a sudden unexpected explosion of some sorts in Chicago.  SO yep right there.
On June 20, when the tweet was supposedly made…Mars was transiting the 13 Libra degree.  A threat against the people….looks good there….
In the April 29 2014 SE Saturn is strong and near conjunct by the SE which is why so much “war” is playing out.  Tel Aviv, Russia and possibly an attack here if the US positioning from Tunnel is correct.  I have seen it work before so not completely willing to say it was just Gann making the story only  in the US.  So is it possible…Saturn is strong…Chicago has Saturn rulers of is IC, Asc and both are being supported by the chart.  SO yep…it is possible.  When?  Mars was the threat ie(declaration) …My guess is that this is not a “random” news release as I have been hearing about “cities” under threat…so a planted story…and a trigger hit a point on Tues…
When might another?  I would say a possible hit on 9/11//2014 is possible with the skies assisting.  The window if they fail will be for about 10 days after 9/11.  But given the ISIS being the offshoot of Al Queda…9/11 sounds just about right.
Lets hope I am wrong but beware.  TIme to lock and load…
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