San Francisco Quakes are possible

Update 8 29/14
San Francisco had a 6.0 magnitude quake on 8/24 right in the timeframe I expected.  The magnitude was in line with expectations.  There will likely be continued aftershocks but noting really severe at this point.  I would caution all that within the next year or two there will be another large quake.  I’ll keep an eye on it.

In March we were talking about the earthquake possibilities in LA (they did) and San Francisco (not yet).  I have as promised continued to work on the SF quake calls and can update you to this situation:

In 1906 a planetary configuration gave SF as the point of a Total and Complete Destruction point (TCD as I am calling it).  I have posted up a prior discussion of this over the past week or two which I would have all study if you are interested.  I have continued to work to understand TCD points and am getting quite convinced that 9.0 quakes or strong ones for an area require this TCD to be present.  I have been unsure if the SF quakes were really going to happen but now can say they are very likely….the creator of the 1906 destruction is in play again and in position for a significant event.  There is only one difference and it is more centered to SF in 2014 than it was in 1906 so I believe the difference will be neglible as to its effects.  So unless there is a modifier I am not seeing the situation is the same.  The epicenter will not be in SF proper but off the coast in the Pacific just as the 1906 one was centered geodetically.
Here are the pertinent dates of which to be aware:
Aug 17-20
Aug 30
Sept 3-8
If the shaking does not start by the mid-September time then SF will have dodged a bullet as the next events will be well out into the pacific as to present a low risk.  If anything a possible tsunami but not much more.
Now this is not to say that other areas of California will not get shaken but at this time most of the events are off the coast that I can see.
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