News From the Moon: June New Moon 2014

Been doing some work and the New Moon of yesterday…here is what I have found so far:
LA could see some shaking today or tomorrow and another session July 8th-9th.
SF is going to come into the national news…not so much for quakes of the earth but a major political event will occur. 
Detroit needs to shape up….the water issues (cutting off peoples water) is going to take off and the UN may step in more than just to “say” something.  I show a violent unexpected event. A revolt maybe?
The Southern border is going to continue to foment unrest.  There is going to be issues again from Austin but also on the Arizona/California border (Calixico, Ca.) my guess is immigrants are headed there.  And could also see revolts from inside the immigration centers.  More than likely issues dealing with shear numbers of immigrants packed into a center. 
Oman is going to come into the news as well with likely civil unrest or political issues.  Someone wants to expand power of a political nature and it is going to be a struggle.
China also comes into play this month.  Beijing being the central point of events.  Again civil unrest is showing up. 
Now these are only points that I can find and interpret.  As always I can be wrong but so far the locations are matching.  The events are harder to grasp.  The Somali pirates turned out to be a Christian woman imprisoned for being Christian.  That resolved right on time with pertinent events occurring on time.  Seems some group is pirating the government. 
The immigration issue is a longer term event but being tickled this month by the stars.  So no resolution there yet. 
The biggest issue that strikes a major cord this month will be Detroit.  Hold on.
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