Iraq is going to Fall

7/1/2014 Update:  Events are playing out in Israel just as expected with Israel striking Gaza in retaliation of the killings of the teens noted in the prior update to this post.  Israel will continue to be a part of ME events and the dates given before still stand.  The events are right on time….and not over yet.

Original Post:

On June 9th events began that few expected.  Terrorist are taking over Iraq.  I admit I was not seeing it…at least not until it happened.  But it is there.  That is why I am writing this blog.  To get better at the predictions that the charts show.  SO these events are present and believe it or not…right on time.  And very disturbing.
This event is in the April 29 Solar Eclipse.  It does not bode well for it staying within the boundaries of Iraq.  I had put that the Balkans could see war again as it is 100 years since WW1 but I have discovered my error in placing events.  Additional study has shown me that I had more to learn.  What I discovered was a truly fascinating process.  I had begun to wonder about it when the Balkans began flooding 2 months ago but not the Mississippi in the US.  Now I have found the war….not in Balkans but in the Middle East.  I will admit that I am getting better at finding the events quickly in retrospect.  I was missing a major point in the process.  I just don’t have time nor software to be in front of events at this point.  Hopefully I will get there with more practice and continued database building.
So how will it end….Well not sure about the end but I will say that with the Solar Eclipse on the Ascendant of Baghdad and Saturn on the Mid Haven with Mercury it is a very powerful event.  Also lending a hand is Mars.  Both of our short term timers were hit on June 9 which is why there was such strength to the events.  Other dates that will play a part are July 6, July 9-13, Aug 8-18 and the last week in August could see a type of “seasonal” closure to events.
Israel will be brought into the mix around August 20th.  Although I suspect it will be the Palestinian areas that become the hotbed of activity not Tel Aviv. If that spread does occur…all should be careful.  We could even see a precursor begin to occur on June 15th as to the events that could transpire.

Update 6/14/2014 Someone asked about Turkey:

The events do anchor into Istanbul more than into Ankara.  Ankara is the capital but Istanbul is a key economic center if my reading it right.  The first is a link to Turkey and Israel and might foretell the Israel/Turkey events I expect to happen this weekend. The span from 4/27 to 6/3 was a critical one for revealing if the two countries are going to be active.  From this I suspect very strongly they will be.  Given the Turkish link to terrorism it could very well be Turkey as the center.
Kirkuk being taken is right on time and place for the chart as well.  Guys the more I study the chart the more concerned I am getting.  One thought is how amazing would it be to see the rise of a new empire…Islamic Caliphate in the region of the Prussian Empire which fell 100 years ago in WW1 with both being tied to the same eclipse points 102 years later.  This is what Gann meant by repeating cycles.
We have two timers hitting 6/15 Sunday.
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