A Look back at Bretton Woods/Gold Standard Events

In todays world of currency manipulations called support by the central banks of many countries, we would be wise to learn as much as possible of the origin of todays currency structure and how the initial plan has been broken, ignored and changed and in fact discarded. That structure was called the Bretton Woods System summarized as follows: “Bretton Woods was in fact a return to a time devoid of increased governmental intervention in economies and currency systems.” Given todays world of increasing governmental interference into business (socialism and communistic views) against the free markets (capitalistic view supported by Bretton Woods), currency manipulations by central banks,  we are again at a tipping point of successful global stability.

The eclipse that supported the Bretton Woods Conference was a LE that occurred at 13 Cap 58 on July 6, 1944. The conference was held at Bretton Woods (Le at its MH, Jupiter at its ASC),  The Bretton Woods Conference is where leaders from 44 allied nations met to pound out the policy and implementation of Global Currency control with the stated goals of  stability as “the absence of a high degree of economic collaboration among the leading nations will…inevitably result in economic warfare that will be but the prelude and instigator of military warfare on an even vaster scale.”

When you look at history it was expected that the Big 4 (US, Great Brittan, Russia, China) were to join as the anchors to the new policy.  And the chart support that all these were critical players.  Saturn (US) , Neptune (London), Russia (Jupiter/Mars)and China (node) were definitely the players in this world wide event.  Russia had issues with the agreement which created the IMF (Jupiter at its Ascendant had a stress aspect to the LE) and refused to join due to arguments between US and Britian.  China did not adopt the agreement. (No supporting outer planet gave its strength to China).

The presence of support from all the planets in the chart suggested that this would be an extremely successful event.  And it was except it was undermined by the absence of China and Russia and their political structures.  Even today we have Russia and China playing the “developing nation card” of non floating currencies while pushing to take control of the global economic policy.  The US took on the main role to make sure the agreement worked.

 “One of the reasons Bretton Woods worked was that the US was clearly the most powerful country at the table and so ultimately was able to impose its will on the others, including an often-dismayed Britain. At the time, one senior official at the Bank of England described the deal reached at Bretton Woods as “the greatest blow to Britain next to the war”, largely because it underlined the way in which financial power had moved from the UK to the US”

The key factor in the US strength is that the peoples of the US get the direct benefit of their economic activity.  The desire also born out of defending freedom in WWII also strengthen the resolve to see that freedom grow to the rest of the world.  For that reason the populace was willing to take the burden of making it work.  The world has perceived the “benefit” to the US but did not grasp the burden of exchanging their currency for gold at a rate far below the international markets rate for gold.  Nor did the world bear the burden of being the worlds police by paying for international placement of troops to keep the world peace and guarantee open seas.  Nor did the world see the cost of sending American dollars to other countries in the form of grants, aid and assuming the cost of rebuilding Europe and Asia. Money that would never be repaid.  They only saw the growth that the US had.  But few likely considered the fact that the US was one of the only countries that had not suffered physical destruction during WWI and WWII and actually had an intact economy.  So over decades the US bore the weight of the agreement.  But as the rest of the world improved few would be willing to step up and uphold the agreement.  To uphold such agreement meant that the supporting countries sacrificed and willing accepted the sacrifice.

My question to the world is this, “Who is willing to do as the US did”.  Over the decades we have seen another “gold” take hold of the world, OIL.  And we have seen a great flow of funds from the US into the oil producing countries.  But none have the done as the US did.  Have their citizens received the benefit of the increased wealth? (extreme poverty in the Middle east except for the ruling classes) Have they sent grants around the world to help the debtor countries?  Have they supported attempts at continuing world peace.  I would say no.  They keep the wealth to the few, argue at giving aid to any country that does not share their religious beliefs and their contribution to world peace has been terrorism.  Therefore until the ‘New” wealth holders grow to embrace the elements of free markets that the successful Bretton Woods stood for we will not see the stability occur and a new Bretton Woods II so desperately desired will not occur.  Lets hope the heavens help up on  that front.


But I digress…so why did it end?  The debtor countries began to untie the accord starting with Germany and France.  Eventually the US was forced out of the gold standard for self-preservation.  The eclipse that ties to this event is the SE at 14 Cap 30. A 29 year span of time that the Bretton Wood System was in place.  Again the US tied directly to the eclipse as the MH of Washington DC is 8 Cap and NYC MH is 16 Cap.  The ascendant of NYC at 28 Aries received the direct influence of “revolutionary” Uranus

In the 1944 eclipse all the players were sane but in the 1973 eclipse we have the Moon and Mercury out of bounds and behaving “irrationally”  This suggested that the move was a questionable one.  There would also be a stressful one as Uranus was in a 270 degrees stress aspect to the eclipse suggesting that such “revolutionary” events were going to be painful  Neptune was opposite Saturn suggesting a free floating currencies were not a stable idea. Neptune gave Uranus support but it was also in a stressful aspect to the SE. Saturn at a 45 degree aspect to Uranus said that “stability” would not occur with the “revolution.” Jupiter was in the eclipse also suggesting major issues.  SO whereas the 1944 eclipse was harmonious as to its events, the eclipse portending the end of the gold standard spoke of major stressful issues would occur from these events.  And the world did not take long to see the effects.  The 1973 Markets crash and world instability that occurred can be directly attributable to the events portended.  And now in the world of 2014 we find our governments straining to find a replacement for the Bretton Wood System as what we have is proving to be extremely dysfunctional and as stated at the beginning of the post, “the absence of a high degree of economic collaboration among the leading nations will…inevitably result in economic warfare that will be but the prelude and instigator of military warfare on an even vaster scale.”



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