Updated: News from the Moon: Pirates in the Glass

We have been evaluating Eclipses in the past few post and have targets of events until October of 2014.  But for fun lets look at the lower time frames of the month.  Using the Full Moon and New Moon of May lets see if we can find a possible defining event.

Taking the position of the NM and FM we find that Somalia is coming into view.  Off the coast of Somalia to be exact.  Lending support to the events is Neptune supporting NM/FM action  (water) and Saturn in negative position to the NM/FM  (loss).  Now if we think about prior events and combine water and loss for a possible outcome…Pirates come to mind.  SO just as we have seen in the past the pirates that lurk along the Somalia coast will come back into world view with events that are expected to occur around the 27th of May thru early June.  Jupiter is also supportive (positive aspect) to the NM/FM and Mars is in the mix as well suggesting another “pirating” event that goes wrong.  Not sure who will be on the other side but who ever it is will have a Saturnine face and that brings to mind US Navy again.

 Retrospective Update:  On Jan 17, 2014 A Somali Pirate attack was thwarted by onboard security.  If you look to the NM and FM of January you find that the events are directly tied to Somalia and right on time.  This confirms the projection that we could see another attack End of May /Early June.


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