Washington, its Houston, we have a problem

Ok so we have been talking retrospective events with a few projections.  Here is another that will contain some levity but could be Earth shaking for Washington, DC.  As those in the South know, currently there is little love lost between Texas (Gov Perry)  and Washington,DC (Obama).  And it appears that there will be a thorny event again here soon when Mars goes direct.  When we look at the April 15, 2014 eclipse we find an interesting setup that ties to the Grand Cross that has just passed.And this will highlight the deep divisions in the US on the Immigration “amnesty” issue.  Now when you look at the Geopositions of Mexico City and the Great Plains, you can see that there is a deep tie between them. So what effects one will effect the other.  This we commonly see.  But what is up?

It seems that Austin or OKC will be sending a revolution to Washington DC. and the people will be supportive of the Texas/Oklahoma position (Mercury).  Given the realm of current events I suspect it will be in the area of Immigration as Mexico ties to the positioning as well.  And it will be the people’s voice which has been drowned out by the elites in Washington DC and the pro-immigration lobby.  The Uranus/Mexico position is in negative aspect to Washington while being positive for Austin.  Granted that also makes it positive for Mexico the energy coming out of Austin/OKC will not be positive towards Mexico City.  Hence the view that the immigration events will be of a negative view towards Mexico.  ALso when we look to support we find Saturn supporting the peoples position while in a stressed position with Washington DC.  SO we are looking at a fight coming from the middle of the country directed towards Washington.  Granted Venus is positive for Washington in this configuration but also supportive of the other side.  SO it will be a hard fight.  We have seen some suggestion of this as Speaker Boehner brought up immigration last week only to walk it back.  Oh and Mars is in a major negitive position to Washington.  SO seems it might not be a fight Washington will win.


Patience my friends, Patience.

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