Elections in India, The Peaceful Revolution

The May 16th Elections in India seems to be a major surprise to the “Governing”.  Should it have been?  Not really.  If we take a look at the April 15, 2014 eclipse the warning is there clearly.  We take as the anchor in India as New Delhi…its modern capital.  It is at 77E, 28 N which gives a MH of 17 Gem and an Asc of 17 Virgo.  When we look to the eclipse chart we find Jupiter and Uranus on those points respectively.  So Uranus being revolution and Jupiter being expansion.  Then when we look to Mercury the ruler of India we find it conjunct Uranus giving its support there while in a negative aspect to Jupiter.  Venus is playing its part as well…Venus who in Predictive Astrology/Astronomy can be considered as the “political class” is in a negative aspect to Uranus and to Jupiter.  SO no help there from Venus for those who were in the position of power.  Saturn being Rx and in good aspects to both Uranus and Jupiter took a sideline view and will accept the will of the people.  The eclipse position supported this outcome as well,  Now this is different from the other post I have done on this eclipse as the eclipse does not directly tie to New Delhi but does give support to the events and therefore the energy for them to occur.  Jupiter who was representing the Government just was a lone wolf in this setup.  And the results are historic to say the least.  Prepare to see some stress to the events as Saturn turns direct but it will be a well balanced stress.  The timers are as they should be and care must be taken through July as the timers hit.  Expect a bit of grumbling from the looser in this election.  But they have no support in the fullness of the chart.





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