1973 Oil Crisis

“The best way to understands the events of tomorrow is to study the events of the past”

Accepted common wisdom in the world that holds true for many things.  And in Predictive Astrology it is the same.  To learn how something works you study the past and look to the causes.  That is what some of the post on my blog are…studies in the past.  And a recent discussion on US Oil prompted this study of the actual setup for the Oil Crisis.  And I am glad that it was done.  I learned alot.

The eclipse responsible for these events is the June 30, 1973 SE.  It was located on the Washington DC  IC at 8 Cancer.  This meant that the events of the eclipse would directly effect the Government of the US.  Now the other participants were listed in history.  SO they were located and soon all the players fell into place.  That is how you know the pertinent eclipse, ” Are the players there?” In this case they were represented by Neptune (oil) as OPEC/Arabs and by Jupiter (expansion) as Israel and Saturn (constriction) as the US. Saturn was in a “stress” aspect to Neptune at `45* and in a “supportive” aspect to Jupiter at ` 60*.  SO there is the support of Israel and the stress with the Arabs.  The rest is child’s play.    Find the date the events started, Oct 6, 1973 and check to see if the triggering complex is there.  Yep…Neptune (OPEC) actually started the events of the Oil Crisis.  And this is confirmed in history as we associate OPEC with the Arab nations and we know that Egypt and Syria started the Yom Kippur War which began that same day. So now we look to the end in Mid March 1974…is the ending trigger there?….Yep…Jupiter ended the war after exhausting all the other players and OPEC was the final piece to setting the events.  We saw the beginning of the end in January…yep its there too….and it took months for the final resolution to occur again….It is all in the chart.  Now I don’t intend to expose the poor triggers as they will be blamed for what is their job.  But know that events are not as “hidden” as they appear.  Now the US took the hit in this squabble as we are Geodetically located between the Arabs and Israel.  Europe got some of the blow by as events unfolded but the Arabs were not directing their ire at them…this was the US they were pounding on as the aspects to the European area are actually supportive over all.

How many of you would accept that there is a geographical reason for Middle East tensions and the fact that the US is in the middle….Lets put Washington DC at 8 cancer IC….Lets put Tel Aviv (political capital where embassies are located)  Israel Asc at 10 Leo = 32 deg (good aspect), and its MH at 4 Tau (64 deg/ ok aspect)  BUT using Bahrain MH at 21 Tau and US at 98= 47 deg (stress aspect) and Bahrain ASC at 23 Leo= 143-98= 45 (another stress aspect).  SO to those who say for the US to “settle” its differences with the Middle East…from the above not sure it will be that easy.  This is why the US seems to have an “easier relationship” to Israel than to the Arabs.  Just an interesting thought.

To those who wish to continue the study..here is the link for dates and general information:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1973_oil_crisis


Now to those astrologers where are saying that there is no way these aspects are on the chart.  Yes they are…that is the true secret to predictive astrology…that which you cannot see.

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