Oil, War and the US Dollar

The Nov 2013 Eclipse put power into the hands of Moscow and its relations with China…the aspects were good to support its moves on the Currency via oil. But if all remember my prior post I also spoke about Crimea as well.  And that the US was a limp participant….Historically we know that Russia has always been in need of a warm water port ie Crimea….so the hand off of Crimea to Ukraine was a mistake.  Hence the take back.  When we look at the Nov chart we see Neptune supporting the move between China and Moscow as is Jupiter.  SO good move there.  But the aspects were broad and not firm.  And the forces behind it were weak ie Saturn in the Rays of the Sun, and Neptune not really as tight as Jupiter to the eclipse.  That suggest that the attempt at currency change of the oil might not hold.  Key point is that Russia has defaulted on international loans in the recent past and that weakness does not bode well for the Petro ruble.  Also contributing to that weakness is the fact that Russia needs Oil over 100 a barrel at current export levels to meet is social program obligations.  And as Iran needs it over 120 this means an increase in exports is required when it is below.  This would also factor into the Crimea crisis as a need for more exports ability.  Also weakening the issue is the increased Oil production in the US that could see the US become an exporter.  If the US exports that will increase the support for the Petrodollar as those exports enter the market and as the decreasing US oil dependency puts pressure on other producers to find markets.  The only fly in the ointment is the Obama Administrations refusal to approve Keystone due to Buffets interest in rail roads and not in Pipelines and the fear of displacing the Venezuelan oil that is processed in the Gulf by the Canadian oil shale source.  Did you know that there was a law enacted in Regan’s terms that prevents the Government from owning the pipelines.  That the transport thru pipelines was distinctly assigned to the private sector?
SO that is the Nov 2013 eclipse…moving forwards to the April 15 LE puts the US into focus there with continued conflict with China and also the internal conflict in the US over the expansion of Oil development.  Neptune says yes..Jupiter says not so fast.  But Mercury and Uranus are giving support to the US but there will be very unexpected events that occur.  The events are going to play out in the private sector and not so much governmental improvement.  I sense that the populace will win on the Pipeline with the help of Uranus.   Jupiter will be the regulatory factors but Neptune has a lot to say and the people will likely win out on this one as well. But to say the US dollar is going to take the final hit…don’t think so.  This eclipse actually puts some men on the US side of the board unlike the Nov 2013 eclipse putting them in Russia’s court with China.  The April SE once again puts Russia into focus but there are some significant hits coming Russia’s way.  Saturn is at its grumpiest but Neptune could favor Russia at this point.  So we could see another volley in the oil area as well.  But believe it or not…Saturn is the friend of the US and not the Russians with these eclipses.  SO for now  Russia will be held in check with the US (private sector not gov) proving the moving force in the next year.   One more point that I hesitate to bridge but going to anyway.  In 1973 we had an Oil Embargo from OPEC….then 37 years later we have Russia and China hitting Oil again when in 2010 they began the push to change the currency.  The eclipse controlling the Oil Embargo was the June 30  1973 eclipse that happened at the Washington DC MH/IC axis.  April 15 2014 is on Washington ASC….But not same planets involved.
So in a nut shell….the tug of war goes on with no victor as of yet except the strengthening of the US private sector in spite of the US government.
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