News from the Eclipse: Moscows Roller Coaster Ride

19/2014 Update  We have a plane being downed in the Ukraine conflict between Russia and Ukraine by a missile from the forces on the ground.  In the writeup below I stated that Mid July would be positive for Russia…got the timing right but the mood wrong.  Here is a workup I have done on the crash.

On July 17 A Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down over the Ukraine town of Torez killing all 295 persons onboard. Let’s look at events.

Localities involved:


The key lines from the eclipse are the Venus MH line (Amsterdam), Solar Eclipse line (Torez) and the Jupiter MH line (Kuala Lumpur). Two additional lines become critical as well: Mars and Uranus Asc lines (Kuala Lumpur).

When we look at the transiting planets we find Saturn stationary on the Eclipse degree and hitting both the MH and the ASC of Torez, Ukraine. This double hit by one planet to both angles is a warning of complete destruction…just as we saw with the jet.

Planets involved 7/17/2014 Hitting
Saturn 10 Tau/20 Leo SE Sun/Moon Torez Asc and MH hits: Total Destruction by Saturn
Venus 16 Gem/14 Can SE Jupiter KL MH and Amst ASC
Moon 13 Ari/13 Lib SE Mars/Uranus Kuala Lumpur pressured by Mars/Uranus A/D and Jup MH
Moon 5 Ari/5 Lib SE Venus Amsterdam MH hit by moon and activated with Jupiter on ASC

Kuala Lumpur 7 17 2014 Jet Down

An interesting note is that when we look at the Torez chart we find the Asteroid Pallas on the Ascendant. We have considered that Pallas is a planet of “disease” and an interesting fact is that there were over 100 AIDS researchers and some with a possible cure on board the craft. It has been said that this fact alone makes this crash critical in the search for a cure for AIDS and therefore a strong impact for the world.


Kula Lumpur chart 7 17 2014Amsterdam July 17 2014 Plane down

Note the simularities between the Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam charts. The activated planets are sitting on the angles. Venus was struck by the Moon in the early day and then Kuala Lumpur (Uranus/Mars 13 Ari/Lib was struck later in the day)

Original Post

Moscow has made some moves over the past few months that were successful in their view.  And from the most recent eclipse they are going to do more.  The eclipse indicates a “major/major” event as it ties to both the MH and the ASC of Moscow which means all the effects are at a pin-point focus there.  The span of the eclipse is also very narrow and it is right on Moscow.  SO what to expect?

In regards to the US:  We saw a bit of pre-event occurring last week on 5/14 when the Russian PM announced sanctions on the US for their sanctions against the events in Crimea.  Russia announced the prohibition of US space access via their ships.  That puts the US into a position of loss of the International Space Station which the US/NASA built and funded as a major partner.  This suggest that the “war” event that is going to happen is in US/Russia space travel/space collaborations.  We should also see a bit of pre-event setup next week on the 23rd.  This should signal the general area of where the Russian “people” are going to be in agreement with Moscow…And the type of response to garner in mid July from the upcoming event.  BUT this does not go well for Russia as aspects indicate the US response will be an expansion of its own space access likely via private industry finally getting approval for ‘manned” rocket launches that have been held up due to US Governmental foot dragging.  This will remove a major funding source for the Russian space program and move the space access into private industry and out of exclusive governmental control.  The dates to watch are as follows for events that pertain to this…June 9 the will signal Moscow’s commitment to the course that has been indicated in the pre-events and all will go well with events in Mid July being positive for Moscow but at the end of July we will see a US announcement that will signal a turning point for the US and a very souring note for Russia being heard Mid August and will be reheard multiple times until the end of the Summer.  Then in September the peoples of Russia will once again support Moscow’s position as it likely changes its “sanctions” to cooperate with the private industry expansion instead of stonewalling.

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