Its Raining in the Balkans

Update:  Now we have the church trying to say man made the events just as they are saying man made Global Warming (now Climate Change as the Earth didn’t warm, and Earthquakes in Oklahoma).  I am beginning to wonder at those who believe in this.  Do you really think the reach of man so extensive.  Especially since the rains were predictable years and years before this event?  Does make one wonder.  But we can see that the Balkans are definitely tied to the April 2014 eclipse.  Say your prayers all….if this holds don’t think even the extensive hand of man can stop the events projected for later in the year.

On May 17 I received an email from someone with links to the Balkans who noted that the area was receiving heavy rains and that it was the heaviest in the history of the country.  There is a concern of a national disaster and that crop prices were sky rocketing.

They asked if it tied to the recent discussion of the Balkans as being influenced by this eclipse.  Sadly, it is directly attributable to the eclipse of April 15, 2014.

I have been watching the eclipse of April 1912 which resulted in the beginning of the Balkan conflict and wondering if we were going to see the same or similar events this year.  This tells me the Balkans are definitely in play on this eclipse.  The configuration of this eclipse is different but with the same planets working together to create the events.  Neptune, Jupiter and Mars are all talking to each other and creating events.  In 1912 the trigger was later in the year so the events were not related to rainfall as that is not the typical time for flooding events but this year the trigger was in Mid April and could last into the end of May to the beginning of June.  This suggest that the rainfall will be some of the heaviest seen just as is occurring.  Does this mean that the “war” events of 1912 wont play out.  This tells me it could but I do not believe the strength of the events will be as strong.  The configuration is one of lesser energy and so the resultant events should be less.  Watching the rains suggest that the turmoil will be more localized that a geopolitical event of world wide impact.  Also the span of the eclipse effect is much less whereas in 1912 the events had a very wide impact area of over 7 degrees of longitude and the current is localized to the Eastern Balkans area with a span of approximately 2 degrees.  So much more compact an area of effect but much more focused.


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