Chile’s Quake and the Markets

(Posted 4/2/2014)
Finally getting a moment to work up the Chile quake.  And if I had the software might have been calling it as well.  Just don’t have those resources or data files.  The Chile quake is right on spot.  I fear there might be another within the next few days…either there or in LA.  SF is still in play as well until late September and LA is out of the firing zone in July.  The fact is that the weight of Jupiter and Saturn are sitting on the Geodetic position of some major fault lines for the Earth.  And until they move off those lines quakes will happen.  As I am not a geologist I don’t really know where those are but can see the presence of some of them from the activity we are having now.  Chile is a major fault line along its coast.
Difficult point is that I am still refining the events down and still learning the interactions.  But amazingly I can see the major points and once they occur can see the trigger.  The more I see the better I am getting at prediction of the quakes.  Tunnel helps a lot in getting a strong understanding but sometimes you don’t see what he means until you watch it in real time.  This swarm of quakes in LA has been great for my understanding and the one in Chile just continues to prove out the work.
And as far as it going into the markets.  I still hold to the April 17th time frame.  As I have posted before I am waiting as I am not sure if nature makes the same mistakes as man.  See my prior post.  IF it does…4/17 to 19 will be a visible top in the market.  There is one more point I am working on today and trying to prove out that process.  If it does as we approach the date I will be able to give more info.  After 11 years of work I can now finally say that I know how Gann knew which direction the market would turn.  And no it was not going thru 100 different occurrences of an event for statistical probabilities.  He knew for sure which is why he would send out a “forecast update” close to the time of the event if he had called it in a different direction.  Some times I think he would also watch for events and knowing what he knew he would know that a point would or would not react.  In Tunnel he says that they didn’t know if the first attack would occur in LA or SF.  It was only when it began that it was clear.  There is a reason for this and even he had to hedge his bets to some degree.  Hence the use of stops.  I have been able to follow the 1949 forecast with this system and am hoping over time to be able to work it down even futher than the “main trend”.
If nature makes mistakes….the fall will start before the eclipse…if not it will be June 9th before true damage is done.  That is what I am unsure of.  Is nature perfect and do I have the rules down correctly.
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