1912 Happening all over again? 102 Years later

Update: (6/23/2014)
Alaska is doing as it should although off a different point than expected…Mars instead of the eclipse but right where is should have been.  7.9 quake shakes the West area of the Aleutians Islands. And again right on time. Lets hope this is the biggest we will see…hard to imagine a larger one now.
Update: (6/4/2014)
The Alaska events are begining and are proving to be very pertinent with recent Volcanic activity increasing significantly and now a quake.  We also have more quakes in LA as our timers move into position again.  So keep an eye out for the begining of quakes in SF at summers end.
I have been working over the related charts from SE of April 1912 and LE of April 2014.  Now I know that that is a bit more than 100 years but not by much.  Here is what I found related directly to this eclipse: Timer used was the St Marie cycle I have posted on and use for Natural Disasters and Stock Market.
Balkans war: Interaction between SE point at 27 Libra and Uranus at 3 Aqu focusing the eclipse. right on time
Fairbanks Alaska earthquake of 7/7/1912…right on time with an interaction between Jupiter and Saturn
Novarupta Alaska Volcanic eruption: 6/6/1912: 2nd largest in history Right on time
Mississippi Flooding: Ohio River basin and Kentucky : Interaction between Jupiter and Neptune and the SE, correct timing…see Tunnel 1927 Floods as well.
One planet that is out of position between the eclipses is Mars.  It is not directly lending its support to Jupiter which could modify some of the events especially the eruptions/earthquakes but here is my current view:
Alaska, Gulf Coast could get hit July 10-11 with a signficant earthquake.  This would be 102 years after the Mt McKinley quake in Alaska. If this occurs we could correctly say that the eclipses are behaving the same even though they are 102 years apart and not 100 years.
Balkans area:  This is getting pressure again 102 years later.  Same planet…same eclipse.
We could also see some activity in the Novarupta area but more of a minor event or temblors due to volcanic activity more than a heavy event as Mars is not there directly although its there by lines of force and support in the chart. A general view is that early June date is possible but this event might be just a surprise “wakeup” to the area as the timers move over but not exactly in sync as in 1912.
SO if we see these world events begin in June/July….the Balkans are up in October.  Will be an interesting watch.
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