Earthquake in LA and Boston Marathon Bombing Post

(Posted 3/18) LA quakes: Found the source of the quakes.  And the key date to say the greatest risk has passed is 3/30 for LA
UPDATE: On March 30 in the morning a strong quake struck LA.  No significant damage occured but it was 5.1 with La Habra as the epicenter.
Modesto Ca is the true focus.  Relative same position as 10/30/2007 quake in the area.  5.6 which would seem normal.  Don’t see positioning for anything much larger.
Forgot to say the la quakes are tied to the same chart (SE 11/3/2012) the ascendant of LA is 2 Taurus same as mid haven of Crimea.  That is why both are happening together.   True earthquakes in LA and political earthquakes in Moscow/Crimea
(Posted 3/19/2014)

That tells me mid August to end sept is critical for a quake   I see it more in sf area not so much la. Key dates 8/22 , 8/12 and 9/26.  Those are for major shakes  smaller ones between now and then. 8/12 is the one I will be watching
To those interested. The Boston marathon bombing tie to the 3/11/13 new moon at 21 Pisces.  The new moon mother-ship, mars, Jupiter, and Saturn points were key to events.  Saturn represented the brothers via their birth places and likely allegiance, while Uranus anchored to Boston the unexpected expansive fire of the bombs. Jupiter in the NM was on Boston’s Asc and Uranus and NM mother-ship was on the Boston mid haven. Merc transit mars nm position was only the final trigger.  Events had been building for weeks
Good info to have  right now working on the idea the events in August sept will be a major fire more that a quake.   Saturn is in Scorpio (constriction of water) and the triggers expected at Jupiter and Mars in Leo opposite sf mid haven in aqu (air). Then again given the elections it could just be suffering from extreme expulsion of hot air by politicians 😉
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