Predictive Astrology/Astronomy

(Posted 2/9/2014)

A dear friend asked a simple question this am about a process I have used to predict things via the only Astrology that I use.  It involves Lunar and Solar Eclipses and localizing their effects.  After pulling out the ephemeris and looking to answer his question a 2×4 hit me.  I see a lot of discussion of 1929 and recently I stated that we were further along the curve than most thought we were.  My realization this am proved that statement to me.
In Predictive Astrology ( I predict earthquakes and other Natural disasters and have also predicted other world and US events with this system) there are forms which I call Axis lines.  These are points of force that create the events that are being predicted.  Some are straight forward and others take a bit of understanding of Jhondro, Jaynes, Sepharial and many of the others.  I discovered them some years ago while working on Earthquakes themselves and found that the 1906 SF earthquake was related to the 2004 Boxer Day Quake.  Nearly exact actually.
That being said I can say that the April 13 1930 LE events ie Market crash,  which is represented in Tunnel by “Japan Attacks the US” is going to be repeated with the LE of April 15, 2014.  AGAIN, “Japan will Attack US” as Gann said.  But as we all know that the attack was actually a crash of the NY stock exchange or more factually the crash of many major exchanges (London comes to mind).  There are 4 MAJOR axis lines that are filled with either the exact same planets (3 of them) and a 4th axis line that has one planet substituted in the exact same position as another.  SO the Chart is as nearly identical as the correlative one between SF and Sumatra’s earthquake.  Rarely do the charts come so close to each other as this.  SO  as I do not post often take this as a warning that War is on the horizon and the winds are blowing closer to home than most can see.
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